one poem every day

the haiku man

early Saturday/

market, empty and lovely/

every shelf, perfect


almost 8 a.m./

sun taking her sweet sweet time/

Northwest, November

every time you speak/

be unabashedly true/

be known as honest

in this thing, heed Em/

lose yourself in the music/

dumb da dumb da da

as night becomes dawn/

robot washes my dishes/

cooks my chicken soup

modern parenting/

we fall on the weirdest swords/

how ‘bout we all chill?

two tiny oranges/

one large cup of hot coffee/

no condemnation

work work work work work/

Rihanna knows office life/

work work work work work

keep your eyes open/

you can rest another time/

you just get one life

flannel and coffee/

fall comes a few days early/

low clouds and rainfall