one poem every day

the haiku man

crossing Puget Sound/

blue in a few hundred shades/

trees on every shore

deafening silence/

we watch blithely from our pews/

lies don’t make lies truth

on this Thursday morn/

may you be filled with wonder/

may your load be light

stare at your own face/

you know way less than you think/

love you anyway

watching our faces/

equal parts hope, fear and joy/

the human planet

at the very start/

who pushed the first domino/

who struck the first match 

in every atom/

observable perfection/

signs of an artist

out of the nothing/

came this sunrise and my eyes/

match made in Heaven

fall descends slowly/

trees transform, give up their leaves/

the sky weeps from clouds

royal fabric sky/

fold upon fold of purple/

robes for evergreens