one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: May, 2017

where the sidewalk ends/

plan your next step carefully/

cars, bikes, maybe: flight


look in front of you/

anything is possible/

behind: a donut

me and my black dog/

window seat for the sunrise/

one of us scratches

81 degrees/

sun high in the Western sky/

dinner on the grill

two pieces of toast/

two eggs, over medium/

Saturday morning 

jalapeƱo scone/

hazy Northwest spring sunrise/

sixteen-ounce coffee

in the living room/

cool spring breeze through the back door/

feet on ottoman

onions in the air/

not, like, flying vegetables/

the smell, whew, the smell

a ribbon of peace/

Puget Sound bridges countries/

sun on blue water

afternoon thunder/

sunshine gives way to lightning/

all the dogs revolt