one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: April, 2017

buds on the birch tree/

beyond: sun breaking through clouds/

beyond: the east, day


nostalgic dinner/

BJ’s pepperoni pie/

pizookie chaser

cast iron skillet/

red ceramic coffee mug/

morning elements

six thirty p.m./

dark beer in a cool goblet/

a gray Eastern sky

record-setting rain/

demoralized denizens/

will work for sunshine

morning, the Northwest/

at least two cups of coffee/

a view of the clouds

I say: it’s raining/

you say: has it ever stopped/

I say: more coffee?

bright the Eastern sun/

peering above the tree line/

right into my eyes

Friday, before eight/

fog swallowing the pine trees/

coffee, a croissant

twenty seventeen/

we’re all stuck in our cell phones/

trivial pursuit