one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: November, 2016

you know lots of things/

but less than you think you do/

middle adulthood 


in the living room/

me, a puppy, and a couch/

what more could I need

three after midnight/

turkey soup in the crock pot/

one bird, eaten twice 

not even one time/

was his name said at dinner/

happy Thanksgiving!

in the late morning/

laptop screen in front of me/

mountainscape behind 

chocolate chip cookies/

tea, crafts, and playoff soccer/

one November night

they are twelve and nine/

we are cook and maid and cop/

driver, nurse and coach


innumerable bottles/

on the bottom shelf


won’t be the last time/

I fall asleep reading this/

War and Peace problems

north of Oregon/

south of Vancouver B.C./

this land is my land