one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: October, 2016

Friday before ten/

we sit on the couch and yawn/

aware of our age


one hairy puppy/

October rain on birch leaves/

by the fireplace

basketball is back/

the game where no one can hide/

Naismith’s masterpiece 

one well-worn notebook/

two pencils, one just in case/

thoughts in all sizes

coffee with a twist/

my ballot arrived Tuesday/

voting for breakfast

head on the pillow/

rain on the roof, the gutters/

Northwest lullaby

well if you must know/

today I climbed up a tree/

it’s windy up here

staring back at me/

both eyes of a young poodle/

wet and full of life

scalloped potatoes/

carrots, sweet corn, peas and beans/

rain on the window

standing on the porch/

under the eave of the roof/

watching the rain fall