one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: September, 2016

here in the city/

humankind in every shape/

living and breathing


the comfortable chair/

in the corner with the lamp/

and a stack of books

sitting on the hearth/

cinnamon in the warm air/

puppy at my feet

may the sun shine bright/

may the road rise to meet you/

may your load be light

Sunday, about ten/

September, Washington state/

next door to heaven

Friday night at home/

movie and snickerdoodles/

my place on the couch

they say: listen up/

they say: let’s do it my way/

let’s say: you be you

last night of summer/

dark before eight, and chilly/

a night for cookies

where there were mountains/

today there are only clouds/

the thought of mountains

moon, orange and heavy/

in the distance a man cries/

as if for the moon