one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: August, 2016

Wonka is no more/

he’s off to view paradise/

simply look around


you want a tough job?/

parent another human/

I recommend wine

Dairy Queen drive through/

ice cream treats and ice waters/

and free nostalgia

Ernest Hemingway/

propped up with extra pillows/

me, not him; he’s dead

when you say goodbye/

remember: look in their eyes/

use up all your tears

in view of the sea/

pelicans watching the waves/

me watching them soar

watching grandma smile/

eating In-N-Out burgers/

savoring french fries

dinner with old friends/

well not old, more like long-time/

just a few grey hairs

one hundred degrees/

like, the world, not the oven/

open-air furnace

cancer, in hospice/

grandma still shines like the sun/

glows like the full moon