one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: July, 2016

the house is quiet/

in the neighborhood, dogs bark/

beyond, there is noise


my America/

a nation of all nations/

a home for us all

sky completely blue/

black birds landing on green trees/

a perfect July

just before midnight/

stars in every direction/

one soundless airplane

last day as a man/

puppy lies on the carpet/

chews hard on his toy 

east-facing windows/

July sun in my coffee/

buttering my toast

high heat in the grill/

chicken, lemon, cumin, salt/

fresh guacamole

the closer you get/

the harder it is to hate/

make friends everywhere

don’t wall off your heart/

we are all aliens here/

love love love love love

grass allergens: high/

the grass in our front yard: high/

summer conundrum