one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: May, 2016

roast in the crock pot/

on a bed of potatoes/

salt, pepper and thyme


late Saturday eve/

eight month old poodle afoot/

couch bound and content

Vietnamese soup/

the Western Conference Finals/

barrel-aged strong ale

in the living room/

puppy asleep in his crate/

reprieve from scratches

nightstand stacked with books/

adventures at the ready/

Coates, Marcus, Saunders

at the piano/

mouth on the harmonica/

fifty thousand sing

puppy on my lap/

Isakov on Spotify/

rhodies in full bloom

popcorn with sea salt/

quadrupel ale with cherries/

a comfortable chair

nearly nine o’clock/

Eastern horizon pitch black/

light blue in the West

jeans in the washer/

dishes in a different one/

machines are my friends