one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: April, 2016

the misty morning/

birch leaves flutter in dewbreeze/

I sip my coffee


puppy at my feet/

like, sitting right on my feet/

five-pound foot warmer

thin, with friendly eyes/

a cat appears on the porch/

drinks three bowls of milk

homemade granola/

conversations that matter/

life at home with you

clean sheets on the bed/

four laundered pillow cases/

pond full of bullfrogs

blustery Sunday/

a day for baked goods and tea/

watching the clouds change

puppy in the bath/

all shivers and whimpering/

scrambling for freedom 

self-propelled mower/

easy-drinking IPA/

tools of early spring

we sit at Starbucks/

and talk about politics/

flies are attracted

Christmas in April/

flowers in every color/

every green alive