one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: March, 2016

son with his mother/

she: confined to a wheelchair/

he: feeding breakfast


in California/

visiting my grandmother/

life is a vapor

pack, pack, pack, pack, pack/

say goodbye to the puppy/

feet up in the sun

tiny snow flurries/

grey skies and stately brick homes/

Spokane, Washington

in silent morning/

what a shock in must have been/

the stone rolled away

Friday in the grave/

Saturday: silence, heartache/

Sunday: whole new world 

some decades ago/

way before the Internet/

history was made

content marketing/

making friends through good stories/

earning loyalty

turmeric coleslaw/

do-si-do Girl Scout cookies/

lunch of champions

a dog at my feet/

chocolate, dark and very strong/

one comfortable chair