one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: February, 2016

honey in coffee/

preparing for allergies/

bees versus sneezes


rain in the morning/

giving way to midday sun/

daffodils in bloom

pumping gasoline/

under two bucks per gallon/

cheaper than water

in a conference room/

under two fluorescent lights/

Herman Miller chair

customer service/

sweet elevator music/

let me call you back

the mountains are out/

curtain of cloud is rolled up/

blue sky in the west

up into the air/

all blue sky and propellers/

on my way back home

white clouds on blue sky/

20 ounces of coffee/

a perfect morning

where the earth meets sky/

evergreens puncturing clouds/

releasing sunshine

late-winter sunshine/

foreshadowing the near spring/

pillow clouds, pigeons