one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: January, 2016

wants to be like dad/

wants to be like his brother/

beats around the bush


Marco Rubio/

he wins for: “Most Fun to Say”/

new game for the pool

marched for civil rights/

way before it was en vogue/

smells like maple trees

wants to move back home/

trade office spaces with Bill/

turn off the WiFi

dad gave him money/

forgot to give him kindness/

his wall would be huuuuuuge

Rafael “Ted” Cruz/

Cuban, Candian Yank/

wants to build a wall

*first in a short series of haiku on the 2016 presidential candidates. 

want to be happy?/

think about yourself way less/

find more ways to love

at the pharmacy/

where liquor and beer are cheap/

job security

movie night at home/

baked potatoes and dark beer/

bacon bits, cheddar

rap in my speakers/

music to the beat of life/

poetry in song