one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: December, 2015

blue December sky/

stubborn frost on the windshield/

sun is off its game


life into boxes/

moving day approaching fast/

pack, eat, sleep, repeat

a house full of friends/

aroma of fresh pizza/

locally brewed beer

snow in the morning/

falling in cotton ball flakes/

dusting the last rose

day after Christmas/

bread pudding in the oven/

coffee in my hand

early Christmas Eve/

making rolls in the kitchen/

Sufjan on repeat

a new one this year/

dinosaur-shaped Christmas lights/

gift-eating T-Rex

skillet ham and eggs/

aged cheddar and sourdough/

cold water, no ice

caprese sandwich/

organic tortilla chips/

Napa Valley red

bacon-wrapped filets/

organic corn and green beans/

imperial stout