one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: November, 2015

after holidays/

we trudge back to the office/

weighed down by the pie


the world hung with frost/

eggs poaching in a steel pot/

toast pops right on time

listen to your heart/

“give me some cinnamon rolls!”/

wait, that’s your stomach

Friday at Walmart/

hard to describe the crazy/

let’s go with: circus

Happy Thanksgiving/

hope you get your favorite pie/

love, thehaikuman

Northwest in full sun/

blue sky pierced by evergreens/

birds in formation

cold November wind/

tree branch littered parking lot/

raining pine needles

oh be of good cheer/

one day you will sleep again/

for today: puppy

bringing puppy home/

all discoveries and naps/

giant toothy yawns

Starbucks at Christmas/

unadorned red paper cups/

with a side of angst