one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: October, 2015

hot cinnamon rolls/

poached eggs with salt and pepper/

strong coffee, straight black


pizza, pumpkin beer/

faretheewell to October/

dinner in a mask

chocolate birthday cake/

rich vanilla buttercream/

washed down with porter

on Wednesday morning/

as a storm brews in the west/

trees at attention

the fog is lifting/

morning sun fights its way through/

gives up and goes home

blackness of morning/

smell of cinnamon rising/

from my cup of tea 

chicken and dumplings/

cream scones with tart lemon curd/

October cuisine

coffee and laundry/

menu for a week of meals/

fall leaves in the yard

first light on fall leaves/

more colors than you can count/

try it anyway

October sweaters/

coffee in the afternoon/

leaves crunch underfoot