one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: August, 2015

a plate full of crumbs/

warm drips of melted butter/

memories of toast


back on the mainland/

solid food and human touch/

feet on solid ground

in the recliner/

surrounded by a blanket/

storm blows through outside

it comes down to this/ 

you either love or don’t love/

there’s no middle ground

moss on the rooftops/

fall weather in the forecast/

rain clouds in the east

good laughs with old friends/

medicine, balm for your heart/

hope for tomorrow

look out your window/

gorgeous and hair-raising world/

make your dreams come true

hazy summer morn/

mountains covered with bad air/

Seattle August

all of this by chance/

chemicals and lots of time/

takes a lot of faith

hot cinnamon rolls/

rising fast in the oven/

while the coffee drips