one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: July, 2015

Friday and sunshine/

endless days of warm weather/

July does it right


not a single cloud/

nothing but shades of blue sky/

slow wind through the trees

we wake in sunshine/

blue sky through evergreen trees/

thirsty lawn unquenched


muffin as big as your face/

USA breakfast

dining room table/

a laptop and a sandwich/

lunch in the new age

painting the ceiling/

Matrix-like dodging of drips/

slow down, Picasso

fresh from the garden/

potatoes in the skillet/

butter, herbs and salt

peel back all the scales/

everyone has pain, needs salve/

give hugs out for free

five red tomatoes/

all alone in the fruit bowl/

three still on the vine

walk in my sneakers/

just make sure you wash your feet/

and leave them outside