one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: June, 2015

as the sun goes down/

the trees are aflame with light/

the river shimmers


the wind at our back/

we set off for the sunrise/

coffee cups in hand

unhindered sunshine/

warm wind through thirsty fruit trees/

front yard grown crunchy

downward facing rose/

red spoiling into deep red/

every thorn intact 

heat wave commences/

every store sold out of fans/

ice cream for breakfast


sun shining on the mountains/

bouncing off the trees

flowers on the porch/

purple buds in morning light/

sun on thin green leaves

toast with seeded crust/

butter filling in the grooves/

seeds left on the plate

stuck to the red couch/

every muscle in revolt/

clouds fill the blue sky

feet up on the couch/

U.S. Open on TV/

eyeballs set to nap