one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: May, 2015

at the gym early/
leather connects with hardwood/
round ball in round hoop


bagel with cream cheese/
Saturday morning cartoons/
back yard in full bloom

chins up, everyone/

don’t worry about the past/

go forward boldly

into the city/
skyscrapers draped in thick fog/
sun low in the East

words of a good book/
smiles on your children’s faces/
steam from your coffee

windowsill basil/

bowl full of avocados/

summer months in view

home from IKEA/

the work has only begun/

pass the Allen wrench

mulch in the front yard/
shed erected in the back/
spring renovation

Saturday projects/
help from friends and family/
turning house to home

oats and fresh berries/

coffee in a steel tumbler/

morning kickstarters