one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: April, 2015

I wake, adequate/

enough me just for today/

all I can ask for


though I am not you/

I see where you’re coming from/

let this be our cry

old white man can’t jump/

bricks enough to build a house/

morning basketball

oatmeal all aboil/

coffee appearing in drips/

one thing left to do

we hurt differently/

we are, all of us, human/

cut the crap…just love

office meeting room/


white boards, swivel chairs

rainbow of dishes/

captured one plateĀ at a time/

by the dishwasher

old iron skillet/

heavy on the front burner/

remnants of dinner

relentless, the years/

yesterday you were a boy/

grow, my son, and fly

this sunshine won’t stop/

days upon days of the stuff/

I’ve become WALL-E