one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: March, 2015

rest in this knowledge/

burnt sourdough toast can be saved/

scrape that scourge away


kitchen with children/

carrot peels strewn everywhere/

the great veggie war

through the sliding door/

morning breaks on the back deck/

freshly cut Spring grass

coffee in my hand/
donuts at the next exit/
all the world’s aligned

as the birds wake up/
as the morning sky brightens/
as the coffee drips

remember your roots/

they don’t have to define you/

learn from them, and grow

evening with dear friends/

my face hurts for the smiling/

friends are medicine

in the dark kitchen/

steaming mug of tea in hand/

I greet the morning

you cry for freedom/

I say, “Wait a little bit.”/

freedom ain’t easy

one dish at a time/

until the washer’s empty/

then loaded again