one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: February, 2015

on the big red couch/

outstretched in the morning sun/

not even one cloud


pencils, erasers/

letters and symbols, backspace/

words, apologies


we’ve got one job here/

love without reservation/

don’t let pride kill you

possible outcomes/

I drink the second cuppa/

or, mid-morning nap

thin mints in the house/

sirens of the countertop/

okay, I’ll have twelve

thriving rosemary/

blue sky through evergreen trees/

strange February

no time like right now/

to start living out your dreams/

start with that donut

empty pizza stone/

spent bottle of barleywine/

remnants of dinner

boxes of cookies/

next to the coffee machine/

countertop sirens

if you only knew/

the height of my love for you/

the height, and the depth