one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: January, 2015

Saturday cartoons/

skillet eggs and crunchy toast/

well-worn sectional


streetlight through a fog/

one tree, impossibly bright/

there are no others

fraught with injustice/

this temporary palace/

blessed assurance

if you’re wondering/

yes, I did have a bagel/

I think you should too

face the day head high/

sesame seeds on my chin/

but eyes on the prize

our bookshelf is full/

pantry too, even the fridge/

power and glory

full inhalations/

oxygen deep in the lungs/

sweet nectar of life

retractable cord/

one small modification/

my toaster’s reborn

sesame bagel/

coffee beans, still in the bag/

counter-warmed butter

thank you, dishwasher/

bravo, refrigerator/

you go, toaster. Boy!