one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: December, 2014

sun-blasted mountains/

western peaks piercing the sky/

breaking into song


living room laughter/

four lives lived in unison/

you only live twice

the year’s ascending/

days fluttering off like birds/

into winter sky

the first thing to know/

we’re unlovable creatures/

the second: love, love

just the thought of toast/

melting butter filling cracks/

crunchy, floured crust

scones with lemon curd/

strong coffee in handmade mugs/

post-Christmas victuals

such hullabaloo/

over a newborn baby/

joy to the whole world

Christmas Eve morning/

there’s light on the horizon/

that’s a metaphor

it’s Christmas Eve eve/

that magical night each year/

when shoppers panic

gone in a moment/

cherish each sweet memory/

dear jelly donut