one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: November, 2014

first day of Advent/

totally brilliant blue sky/

trees stripped bare of life


snow in November/

painting the grass, lawn, cars, trees/

my view of the world

America shops/

for stuff that nobody needs/

give love this Christmas

on this Thanksgiving/

think of everything you have/

I know . . . take your time

blue sky of just dawn/

puddle-wonderful morning/

poem-writing weather

where there is anger/

let us be agents of peace/

be hope when hope’s gone

back deck a canvas/

mixed media with fall leaves/

muted morning hues

wakened by rainfall/

roof and windows a drum kit/

God as Ringo Starr

stands at attention/

perfect posture, attitude/

dear French press carafe

given enough time/

you’ll see flaws in everyone/

love them anyway