one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: October, 2014

go forth, my children/

ask, gather, and return home/

bring me my candy


washing the dishes/

prepping a slow-cooker meal/

the routine of fall

night fin’lly relents/

faint light through threat’ning rain clouds/

clouds that will let loose

holdĀ those you cherish/

tomorrow is not promised/

give your love today

take my hand my boy/

let’s remember to forgive/

we’re on the same team

like something’s missing/

like you forgot your cell phone/

can’t think what it

out for the paper/

coffee grinder, my old friend/

perfect Saturday

driving home at dawn/

starry night gives way to day/

light overtakes dark

roots, leaves and branches/

that tree is always growing/

shouldn’t we all be

fall’s falling in waves/

great blown sheets of rainwater/

all the world’s a sponge