one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: September, 2014

raindrops on roses/

heck, raindrops on everything/

raindrops on raindrops


impossibly good/

this rotisserie chicken/

the bird flies again

out of coffee beans/

unless you count this decaf/


when you write a poem/

use a strong, authentic voice/

write your life in words

eight ripe tomatoes/

background music: morning rain/

seven tomatoes

showers are magic/

go in dirty, come out clean/

my life is easy

rain you can swim through/

punch holes in the sidewalk rain/

rain too loud for poems

after the haircut/

doubletakes in the mirror/

one less ponytail

pale light of justdawn/

drumroll of raindrops on leaves/

sweatshirt weather’s here

death throes of summer/

stunning September sunshine/

bleak five-day forecast