one poem every day

the haiku man

Month: August, 2014

after a late night/

coffee, a spot on the couch/

promise of a nap


six cups of water/

three scoops of ground coffee beans/

divine recipe

grey August morning/

birds take their time waking up/

blackberry vines sag

let the autumn come/

let spirals pierce weekend air/

dust off your crock pots


last week of summer/

teachers ready the classrooms/

kids weep in pillows

waning summertime/

a bite to the morning air/

hunger for pumpkin

blackness of morning/

tree outlines on a grey sky/

invisible birds



the day’s first deep breath/

the welcoming back to life/

the halitosis

whir of double blades/

frenzied crack of roasted beans/

fair coffee grinder

breath hangs in the air/
windshield fogged with morning dew/
bold autumn sunrise