one poem every day

the haiku man

at the very start/

who pushed the first domino/

who struck the first match 


in every atom/

observable perfection/

signs of an artist

out of the nothing/

came this sunrise and my eyes/

match made in Heaven

fall descends slowly/

trees transform, give up their leaves/

the sky weeps from clouds

royal fabric sky/

fold upon fold of purple/

robes for evergreens

early Saturday/

market, empty and lovely/

every shelf, perfect

almost 8 a.m./

sun taking her sweet sweet time/

Northwest, November

every time you speak/

be unabashedly true/

be known as honest

in this thing, heed Em/

lose yourself in the music/

dumb da dumb da da

as night becomes dawn/

robot washes my dishes/

cooks my chicken soup