one poem every day

the haiku man

work work work work work/

Rihanna knows office life/

work work work work work


keep your eyes open/

you can rest another time/

you just get one life

flannel and coffee/

fall comes a few days early/

low clouds and rainfall

ev’ry syllable/

has to be exactly so/

magic in structure

sun shrouded in smoke/

apocalyptic morning/

a good day for toast

in the far Northwest/

under a cloudless blue sky/

water, trees, and me

night turns into day/

the invisible, now seen/

trees now, not monsters

another blank page/

morning, coffee, ample hope/

may the waters ebb

clouds in summer sky/

green trees on a white canvas/

one bird, boundless, free

outside this window/

purple fruit on a green tree/

sun on high branches